Satanism in full swing in all over the world!

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( Mihret Zegeye)

Very short message to those whose ears are not yet deaf!

Currently, there is no country without the influence of Satan especially in the leadership of the country in question. Truth be told, Satan has won the hearts and minds of billions of people nowadays including their political and religious leaders. From the US to Russia, from Middle East to Far East, from the Horn of Africa to Australia, every nation on Earth seems to be ruled by this crooked fallen angel, Satan. Of course, one of his headquarters seems to be situated in Ethiopia at Arat Kilo Palace designating Tigray People’s Liberation Front as his ambassadors with full right to exercise his rimless whims.

In Europe and the Americas churches are being changed from churches to museums or night clubs. Popes and clergies or priests all over the world are becoming members and servants of Satan and his Satanist values by conforming their way of life with that of the demands or interests of the Devil himself; to serve him in conformity with his rules and regulations, they must be gays, lesbians, murderers, practitioners of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), renegades or apostates, rioters of the established social and religious values, etcetera.

Mr. Satan has efficiently deployed his army in every direction of this bloody world, for he knows that his days are numbered. He has to be wise to conquer as many million souls as possible to populate his vast kingdom in the netherworld. He needs millions of people to inherit his mendacious kingdom which attracts the fool like ‘Abboy’ Sibhat Nega and Azeb Golla, with mundane paraphernalia, paraphernalia which only needs an elastic belly.   And to this effect, the so called Illuminati are there at the heart of this planet to facilitate the leading of “the blind with the blind”. To whichever direction you go these crooked children of the Fallen Angel are in charge of manipulating everything; the worst scenario of killing and looting being carried out in Ethiopia.
Moreover, the long-awaited Armageddon, the catastrophic war between the Gog and Magog, is also about to begin soon under the leadership of the proponents of the New World Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum,  though millions of people might be skeptic of such claim due to carnal and spiritual fatigue.

Satan wants people to go astray. He wants us to be immoral, unethical, selfish, irreligious, illiterate or uneducated, atheist, sodomite, disrespectful, lustful, active participants or at least staunch supporters of LGBTQ, hopeless, sinners, criminals, trespassers, and what have you . …

The solution!

Listen and come on to your sane conscience. Do not get confused with what you see here and there. What you have to see is something foretold centuries back to be seen this time around. Never expect any good from so called great people or leaders of religious factions or political groups, if you will. In a world where things are changing very rapidly, do not be easy going and do not trust words only, rather, you had better trust actions more than blabs; be a person of high discretion. Do not depend upon individuals in a bid to secure your salvation. Salvation is not communal; it is personal and depends on what you do rather than whom you follow as an icon. Individuals, whoever they might be, whatever credentials they might have, are fallible. No person is perfect to be foolishly emulated. People who give more trust and credence to individuals than God and their conscience would tremendously be hurt when they feel they are betrayed or when they observe their expectations are compromised and hence fail from being fulfilled.  Though individuals may have some impact, you are the only responsible person for your damnation or salvation.  ……. (Continue Reading, pdf)