Could Myasis be the Culprit in Wello?

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This short report is prepared with the aim of making people aware of what is unraveling in Wello province in regards to a phenomenon aired by the BBN news on March 27, 2017 accessed via Zehabesha website:

It has caught peoples’ attention to the point of scaring them due to its mysterious nature. Also, it is primarily intended to alert those concerned into taking action to avert human suffering by what is going on and possibly by what could be lurking behind this seemingly benign condition.

The so called epidemic caused by a flying insect in Wello could be due to myiasis. Myiasis is the term given to the infestation of the various parts of the human body by maggots belonging to the Order Diptera (bi-winged) or in common term – flies. There are many species of flies reported to cause myiasis in humans as well as in animals in various parts of the world including Ethiopia.

Prior to getting into the details of the situation unfolding in Wello, it is felt it’d be a good starting point to give a brief description of the myiasis situation in Ethiopia. Sporadic exposures have been reported from various parts of Ethiopia such as Adama (Nazareth), the Diddessa valley in Wollega, Dire Dawa and the Ogaden area previously. The situation in Adama which is known to harbour this condition for a long time is a classic example of myiasis in the country as the city is very close to the capital Addis Ababa where people come to seek assistance in the event of exposure to myiasis which has been known for some time. Myiasis has never been reported from the Wello area previously.  ……. (Read more)