Chemical and biological genocide against the Amhara people of Ethiopia by the fascist Tigray regime

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(By Achamyeleh Tamiru)

Among the horror stories of weyyane’s 25 years of fascist rule are those of chemical and biological genocide against the Amhara people of Ethiopia by elements of the business community of Tigray and their corporate fascist regime.

For the last 25 years, the business community of Tigray had happily helped the TPLF regime that launched chemical, and biological genocide against their Amhara brothers and embraced a fascist system that has committed the worst crimes of humanity against the Amharas for no reason other than their regime’s greed and hate.

In the video below, poor Amhara farmers are seen exposed to harmful chemical wastage that is produced by a Tigray run factory as its byproduct.

The company leadership has received financial disbursement from development bank of Ethiopia, in addition to training in chemical “warfare” in advanced countries like Italy. The business community of Tigray has been discovered as being heavily involved in the all rounded war against the Amharas to benefit with a return they get for accompanying the system in its Amhara genocide, occupation, oppression, killing, disenfranchisement and sterilization Amhara women. The business community of Tigray has also been providing assistance to the terrorist regime in their attempts to extend the misrule of the fascist system under TPLF.

As I speak, Tigray merciless soldiers are committing a genocide of Amharas and murdering of innocent Amhara women and children. This week reports from Metekel, Gojjam have stated that there were so many slaughtered in the massacre by Tigray soldiers that the count of the dead has still not been completed.

The all rounded war against the Amharas that has been planned, instigated, financed, executed and propagated by fascist weyyane is intended to serve several purposes. One Amhara people are key for any change in Ethiopia and the war is to remove all the change agents and obstacles of grand plunder by the weyyanes; another ( if possible) to completely eradication or weaken the Amharas as they are deemed to be number one enemy of the creation of their promise land, the Great Republic of Tigray.

In the coming weeks and months, the fascist weyyane war against Amhara is expected to get much worse very quickly in retaliation to Amhara Resistance unless ALL the Amharas from ALL walks of life stand up together to reiterate that fascist weyyane”s Nazi type Holocaust on Amharas will never be permitted to recur, and resist the criminal Tigray regime to remove from the face of the earth than being caught by surprise every time we come across its heinous crimes or lulled into a foolish consideration that the Tigray fascist system is also “our government” while they have been trained to kill Amharas from the day they took up arms against us.