Amhara Nationalism and its achievements even before it becomes a strong Force

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By #አባ ቦራ ብርሃነ መስቀል

“One thing Amhara Nationalism achieved even before it becomes a strong force is to call the bluff of Tigrayan and Oromo Nationalism threat of [secession]. TPLF and Oromo Nationalists have assumed that the Amhara will always keep guard of Ethiopianism. They think they can continue to attack Ethiopianism either to stay in power (for TPLF) or to [secede] with the current Orom[o] map in mind (Oromo Nationalists). A good question to ask right now will be what will happen if every nationalist movement gets what it want[s] or continue[s] to fight to get it?

1) Amhara nationalists will fight for their claim of Shewa [in fact, Shoa is not the limit] may be after they are done with the Issue of Welkait and Raya in the North.

2) Oromos will try to maintain their […] current map but will have internal squabble between East and West Orom[o] political forces with religion being always a tangential issue if not brought to the fore. The make up of Shewa will also present a challenge.

3) TPLF already knew that its fate will not be as beautiful as it is now. It has officially started preaching unity while trying to create a rich and empowered [Tigrean] class in the current Ethiopia with new opportunities and da[y]-light robbery of public resources.

So, when it comes to land mass, the Oromo have it best right now. Any further push for independence will end up in the loss of what they already have. The Amhara Nationalists knew that they will gain the most than they already have if they push harder. If some of the Amhara money and intellectual capital that is pre-occupied with Ethiopianism goes to Amhara Nationalism Movement, they will be a formidable force. They know this to be a fact and that is the reason they are attacking Ginbot 7 fiercely than their rival nationalism movements.

Ena min lemalet Felige new? The Oromo has much to lose if its war on Ethiopiawinet Succeeds. Yisemal????”