Response to Goitom Gebreluel, Biniam Bedaso & Nemera Mamo – Getachew Reda

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Response to Goitom Gebreluel, Biniam Bedaso & Nemera Mamo authors of “ Managing Ethiopia’s political crisis”

By Getachew Reda (ED-ES)

Lately, several articles caught my eye forced me to react on them. Among those, a commentary titled “Managing Ethiopia’s political crisis” Written by Goitom Gebreluel, Biniam Bedas & Nemera Mamo authors of “Managing Ethiopia’s political crisis” posted at on February 8, 2018

I am surprised how educated elements such as those brothers still after 26 years of observation on the present system, failed to understand the nature of the ruling system in Ethiopia. They obviously and miserably failed to characterize the system by its accurate name “Fascism”! The characterization they used to explain the nature of the present ruling gangs sitting in power in Ethiopia not as such, but as “Ethnic Elite Competition”. Because, they describe the system as such, surprisingly also, their immediate solution is to de-ethnicising etite competition at the Federal level.

Well,,, well,,,well,,, Is our primary goal to de-ethnicising elite competition or to completely a system change that shuttered them from computing in the national destruction? Ethnic Elite Competition is not a system by itself to bring the desire radical removal of the system. If we want the system entirely changed, then the system should be completely scratched with all its ugly packages that plunged the nation into ethnic conflict. That includes removing the ethicized elites who are members or leaders of criminal organizations engaged in the crime of genocide. …. (Read more)