Amhara Massacre: Over 16 ethnic Amharas Massacred as protest spreads to Mersa, North Wello, Amhara, Ethiopia

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(By Mikael Arage

“Down down with the regime, down down with TPLF. We denounce the brutal killings of protestors in WoldiaKoboWello, Amhara and all across the country, ” chanted young people in Mersa as they protest against the massacre in Kobo and Woldiya that killed over 60, heavily injured hundreds, and damaged business worth of millions, according to eye witnesses.

The protest in the small town of Mersa didn’t proceed without any cost; Over a dozen have just been murdered today solely because they denounced the extrajudicial killings of over 60 Amharas in less than a week of time, and demanding an end to Tigrian dictatorial regime.

DW-Amharic puts the death toll in Mersa today at 10, acknowledging possible limitation of eye witness imparting only in so far as their personal accounts of their neighborhood is concerned. However, my secondary sources and eye witnesses, insiders at the city security, put the death toll at16 , iterating the fact that casualties could even get higher as the protest continue.

“Deadly force can’t be the answer to the legitimate questions brought by protestors,” said His excellency , Ato Gedu Andargachew, President of the Amhara regional state , as he addressed the press after the massacre in Woldia the day before yesterday.

This is Yoseph Eshetu Tessema, a 12 years old boy, who was barbarically slaughtered by TPLF mercenaries in Woldia, Wello, Amhara regional state during an epiphany procession.

Nevertheless, TPLF forces , disguised as the national army of Ethiopia, have indiscriminately been blazing fire at protestors in Mersa today. A Judiciary in Habru Woreda (district), Mersa , who was illegally involved in quelling the protest has taken the lives of three while critically injuring four. Subsequently, desperate protestors have killed the armed judge so as to avoid further massacre. 

Heavily armed Tigrian soldiers are reportedly detaining, beating and executing young people in Mersa, according to real time developments coming from the small town in North Wello.

Tigrian business owners , who are renown for carrying out covert and overt security activity in the town, had evacuated their properties days a go for a pre-meditated arson sabotage showdown aimed at claiming insurance for their long boycotted business which has been under performing in the last two years.

“Everyone has boycotted Tigrain business in town as they are spying us, and leading the repression here in our city. They are in a loss. They wanted to sell their property and close down. Nevertheless, nobody is interested in their property. As a result —a false flag pretext— arson sabotage seems to be the most revengeful , and profitable way out for them,” says Kindu, a real estate agent in North Wello, Amhara, Ethiopia.

Critics are increasingly accusing the international community of standing on the sideline and nurturing tyranny in the midst of a scandal that has drawn little attention compared to minor human rights violations elsewhere. “ US , EU and the international press continue to be reticent so as to hide their scandalous friendship with the terrorist regime that’s hostaging millions of Ethiopias,” said Kiros Weldehana, a purchasing manager at the Ethiopian defense forces , who recounted American, British and other Western military and security equipment used against dissidents in Mersa, Kobo, Hara, Woldia and all across the Amhara regional state of Ethiopia. 

18:58:59 EET

Saturday, 27 January 2018


Mikael Arage is a techprenuer, manager, engineer, strategist, citizen journalist, life long interdisciplinary student and human rights activist based in Helsinki, Finland. He regularly covers on political economy, technology and business development in Ethiopia. 

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