Reuters Indoctrinating Fake News About Ethiopia

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By Mikael Arage

Reuters has time and again sourced fake version of events acquired from the very regime that’s engaged in extrajudicial killings as a sole, reliable, information substance for an exclusive coverage , resulting in gross indoctrination of fake news about Ethiopia globally. Such fake news by Reuters tantamount to a hybrid media warfare against the oppressed, exploited and hostaged people of Ethiopia as opposed to meeting an all time need for free, alternative and international media.

That Reuters isn’t delivering an authentic version of events about Ethiopia— which is under a totalitarian control of 19 30’s style pre-modernist tyrants — to the global digital media landscape, there is an apparanet lack of swift support for decision at UN, EU, US and ICC level harnessing already existing legal, financial, theological, industrial, social, organizational, security, economical, statical, political and humanitarian frameworks with regard to the exacerbating human rights violations in the country is concrend . Consequentley, Reuters’ fake news — which conceals and misinforms about the ugly truth from the world — is harming millions of Ethiopians under hostage by the tyrant regime.

A number of observers on Ethiopia have called out on Reuters to abstain from — exclusively — quoting sources of the TPLF regime alone on its coverage of Ethiopia, according to subsquent Twitter campaigns.

Reuters could have sourced parallel with ‘Free Ethiopian diaspora outlets’ while quoting whatever —fake news—it gets to make for/from the regime; However, Reuters has deliberately kept on sourcing only, only and only one sided fake versions of the tyrant regime to cover on Ethiopia. In addition, Reuters has insidiously misinformed false historical, contemporary and statistical coverage in favour of the tyrant TPLF regime that’s hostaging Ethiopia. Morally repugnant to the opressed, exploited and hostaged people of Ethiopia, it’s nothing special if Reuters continue to get black listed under “Foreign enemies of the people of Ethiopia” where in US lobbying firm , SGR GOVERNMENT LOBBYING SGR LLC , is among others in the category.


As a Citizen Journalist, Here Below Is as to What I Wrote to Satenaw News Concerning the #AmharaMassacre in Woldia, North Wollo, Amhara, Ethiopia on 21/01/2018. I Didn’t Care How but Wrote It Immediately After I Obtained Information From Folks on the Ground. All Ethiopian Free Digital Media Outlets Had the Same Version of Narrative as to What I Wrote.

However, Reuters, according to its coverage on JANUARY 22, 2018 , quoted versions narrated solely by the regime — Amare Goshu, regime’s assasin police commissioner — to spread fake news against the oppressed, exploited and hostaged people of Ethiopia. In addition, Reuters has branded the Massacre of unarmed civilians at the Epiphany procession as a “Weekend clashes with security forces”. Furthermore, Reuters has lowered the death toll while insidiously being reticent about the over 45 heavy casualties. Moreover, Reuters, as opposed to including versions from Free Ethiopian media outlets, went on to brand the regime as ‘an ally in the fight against terrorsime'( as if Ethiopians aren’t under hostage) , and one that ‘ which has taken a significant step towards reform ,’ iterating a false indoctrination which got Reuters at the center of a fake news scandal prior when “the regime is releasing all political prisons’’ was spread globally.

One thing is clear that Reuters has long declared a fake, hybrid propaganda, warfare against the oppressed, exploited and hostaged people of Ethiopia who undoubtedly are uninstalling the terrorist regime under sustenance by the west, lobbying firms and premium proxy neo-colonial schools of yellow journalism.

By አዎ ድል አለ በስሜ (Mikael Arage Yimer)

26/01/2018 12:33:09 EET


<ሮይተርስን በትክክል ዘግብ ፣ ከስርዓቱ ጋር አትስራ> እንበለው።

ሮይተርስ በዓለማቀፍ አውታሮች ኢትዮጵያ ላይ የፋናን ዜና በሮይተርስ ስም በገፍ ያሰራጫል። #Reuters ሁልጊዜ ዋቢ እሚያደርጉት ሃሰተኛ የሆነውን የወያኔን መረጃ ብቻ ነው። ለማስመሰል እንኻ 1 ትክክለኛ(የተቃዋሚ) ምንጮች(ን) አያክሉም። ጋዜጠኛ አሮን ማሾ ፣ ልክ እንደ ዊሊያም ዳቪድሰን ፣ ከወያኔ ጋር በጥቅም የተቆራኘ ነው። ሳምንቱን ሙሉ የቱዊተር ካምፔን እናድርግ። #Reuters እና #StopFakeReutersNews የሚሉትን ሃሽ ታግ እንጠቀም። ካምፔኑ ተክፍቷል። አሁኑኑ ተቀልቀሉ። #StopFakeReutersNews