Leaked Document reveals that TPLF is paying $1.8m/year for Lobbying

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Leaked Document reveals that TPLF is paying $150,000/month ($1.8m/year) for a USA based Lobbying Firm, S.G.R. LLC


By this Agreement entered into on this 18 day of January 2017, between S.G.R. LLC, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS AND LOBBYING (hereinto referred to as “SGR”) and The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, (hereinto referred to as “CLIENT”), the Parties agree as follows:

1. Scope of Employment: SGR will work with the CLIENT to develop and execute a public affairs plan to enhance the dialogue and relationships with policymakers, media, opinion leaders, and business leaders. The campaign will promote a better understanding of Ethiopia’s political, social, and economic environment. SGR will work to strengthen U.S-Ethiopia business outreach and grow foreign direct investment in

2. Term: This Agreement takes effect January 18, 2017 and continues in force through January 18, 2018, at which time the engagement can be extended upon mutual agreement of the parties.

3. Compensation: As compensation for the performance of the services described above, SGR will be paid $150,000/month.

Payment would be due on a quarterly basis at the beginning of each quarter. Additional campaign expenses, such as paid advertising and travel would be approved by CLIENT in advance and require an upfront deposit.

All payments are to be wired to:

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