How to Treat TPLF version 1 and TPLF version 2 viruses?

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(Mesganaw Andualem)

TPLF swears in the name of ethnic equality but its true motive is building Tigray at the expense of Amhara. Similarly, the groups who swear in the name of multicultural Ethiopia pretend to be guards of individual rights, but their real intention is to transform themselves into tplF version 2 virus, with only a change of actors, aiming dismissing the Amhara group rights. Both viruses, tplF version 1 and tplF version 2, might appear opposing each other. But they are united when it comes to Amhara. For Amhara, there is no better virus to chose between, but reject both as they are malicious. If there is a difference between the two, its only number and ethnic background, their standing objective is one and only one. They want an Ethiopian territory and power in the absence of Amhara.

How on earth a group of people would attack the group rights of the Amhara while they roar to protect individual rights? There is individuals in the group, and dismissing the group entirely means dismissing the individuals who have made up that group. Talking about individual rights does not mean you need to destroy the group right. It is even my politeness to call that you attack Amhara group rights, but in reality you are severely transgressing the dignity, identity, and the heritage of these people. Because you guys never stop to function the designated aim of tplF version 1 and tplF version 2 viral attacks, do not cry, blame and complain those who give you back anti-tplF version 1 and tplF version 2 antiviruses. The rule of the treatment for infectious viruses is to scan with antiviruses. No complain, no blame, no cray!

You are giving unreserved applaud to the idea that is never true, but intended to demoralize the Amhara. Almost all scientifically authored books, including the 16th century ethnographer, Abba Bahirey, agree on one thing: the Oromo crossed into the highlands of Ethiopia during the second half of the 16 century. But you people are applauding the idea that Amharic was created while the Oromo tried to learn Ge’ez, during the time Oromo did not have contact with the people of Ge’ez heritage. No body takes this nonsense for serious. However, your ignorance, and above all, your pretension of self-appointed rights advocates, make people sick. You just did the custom, a custom that unites pseudo-scholars and pseudo pan-Ethiopian group advocates– a hate of Amhara for no obvious reason. It is therefore a curse to let Amharophobic people assume power as their inner hatred might lead them to commit genocide, like what their archetype tplF version 1 is doing.

Note: we know you would call your actions as freedom of speech. But freedom of speech is never meant transgressing the dignity, identity, and heritage of a certain group of people. So, your hate speeches are just a Xenophobic hates speeches. They can never be equated with freedom of speech. No person can be fond of attacking a certain group of people unless that person is mentally sick.

No excuse: I am not being engaged in personal smear campaign, and never wanted to do such things. But is that okay for us to let it go when such “high profile” persons campaign against our people? I do not think this type of action is that one has to tolerate.